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This is my first of several posts, where I hope to chronicle and describe some of the most innovative, top bicycle motor parts available anywhere online! Whether you are undertaking your first bicycle motorizing project or are already an experienced PRO, you will benefit from learning about the incredible, custom parts that can only be purchased online through Live Fast Motors! As you learn more about Live Fast Motors, their commitment to excellence, their quality standards, and their unparalleled customer support, it is my hope that you will make them the primary part of your bicycle motor project team! Any company can sell you an item online, but only Live Fast Motors stands by ready to help you succeed with tips, tricks, suggestions, and encouragement to help you problem solve and achieve a glowing success, each and every time! If you are ready to get off your duff and build some incredible stuff, call them today, dial: 801-830-8465 and they'll point you in the right direction, including help deciding which top bicycle motor parts will make your day! 

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    A Bicycle Motorizing Hobbyist who loves the quality and custom parts that are only available from America's Number One Bicycle Motorizing Company, Live Fast Motors!


    August 2012


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